We are your marketing partner.

Who we are.

From the very beginning, We intended to be a different kind of Marketing Company. We started from local in New York from 2010. Now we are a team of 20 creative and passionate people.

What we do.

We build strong and modern advertising and marketing strategies for you. We are specialized in localization for Greater New York Area.

Why choosing Us.

We care about the quality and diversity of the people, and the creative and efficiency of the operation.

Your Partners.

  • Jason L
    Jason L.


  • Janet X
    Janet X.

    Project Manager

  • eileen C
    Eileen C.


  • Giselle F
    Giselle F.


  • Serena C
    Serena C.

    Sales Manager

  • Shishi G
    Shishi G.

    Market Research Analyst

  • Chelsea L
    Chelsea L.


  • Nason T
    Nason T.

    Product Manager

Turn your idea into an empire.

Website Design.

Website Development.

Mobile Applications.

Branding & Identity.

Print & Design.

Theme Development.

Social Media.

Search Engine Optimisation.


Selected works.

  • Cheercuts
    Cheer Cuts - 赤炸风云USA Design / UX / Marketing / Branding
  • Make Body USA - 馬可寶迪
    Make Body USA - 馬克寶迪 branding / Marketing / Wechat
  • Lakaffa
    lakaffa - One Fulton Branding / Print / Marketing
  • Good Harvest NY - 大丰收
    Good Harvest NY - 大丰收 branding / Marketing / print
  • RoyalQueen
    Royal Queen-君豪 Print / Marketing
  • JP Street
    JP Street Design
  • ESPY
    ESPY Print / Marketing
  • TRK
    The Real KTV Design / Marketing
  • ESPY
    Soya Noodle Bar Design / Website
  • ESPY
    Da Tang Design




136-82 39th Avenue
5th Floor
Flushing, New York 11354

Office: 347-368-6577

Fax: 347-368-6596

Email: bluesky6577@gmail.com